Home schooling

Homeschooling Tips

Any parent who truly has a desire to educate their child at home can be successful with the right help. Homeschooling tips for success can help in the process of determining what is right for you and your children. If you believe homeschooling would be the best option for your family, don't let negative comments discourage you. Simply continue pursuing the thoughts and ideas you glean from sites like this one until you feel you are ready to begin. Then one step at a time you will succeed.

homeschooling kids

1. Before you begin your home school, check into the laws and legal requirements of your state. These vary from state to state and you can find out more about them on our pages about home schooling laws and resources.

2. You as the parent do need to have (or acquire) basic educational skills such as reasonably good reading, writing and mathematics. If not, you can take adult classes until you are up to speed and feel capable of following a curriculum with your child. Most of the subjects you will be teaching your child require a healthy desire on your part to learn, rather than complete knowledge about them beforehand. You may need to invest regular time before and after your homeschool classes learning the material in order to be prepared to teach your child effectively.

3. Homeschooling success also depends in part on whether you have a good working relationship with your child. If you can communicate and engage your child's interest then you can accomplish almost any goals you set for school. If you have an unhealthy relationship emotionally or poor communication skills, then classroom settings where it is just you and the children will be difficult. If this is a problem in your home it can also be remedied with some counseling from a local church or other resource.

4. Have you done your homework and come to be completely committed to your reasons for schooling your child at home? This homeschooling tip is about being aware that you will very likely hear negative comments from others about how you are ruining your child by choosing to home school. Many people wrongly believe public education is the only way to go and will voice that erroneous opinion freely. If you are not firmly grounded in why and how you are going to school your child you may become discouraged and question your decision midstream. This would be detrimental to your whole family. Ensure your success as well as your children's respect by being prepared for criticism.

5. Being sensitive to your child's needs and feelings and being very observant your children is essential in home schooling. You are the only constant supervision they have in the classroom of the home and they will need you to be aware of whether they are making healthy progress, are in need of extra help, or are struggling and perhaps needing a change.

6. Patience and a good sense of humor are important qualities for any parent, but especially those who home school. Being flexible when things don't go as planned, taking extra time for a problem area, being creative when your child can't understand a topic, are all necessary abilities at times. If you can maintain the ability to laugh in an awkward moment and be patient both in the short and long term, your home school will be enjoyed by all. In this way you can keep things fun, interesting and non-stressful.

7. Perhaps one of the more important areas for a homeschooling parent will be the ability to organize effectively. Daily schedules, lesson plans, activities, family time, laundry and cleaning, meals and grocery shopping, etc. are all part of a normal week. If you are not adept in this area you will need to learn how to balance all the parts of a day/week into a productive and manageable routine. Once again, if this is a problem area, there are free sites online that enable you to develop organizational skills. Some places even have local classes on this subject for those interested.


As you can see, consideration of these homeschooling tips before you actually begin the education process, can make your life much easier and give you a feeling of confidence about the adventure of schooling at home.