Home schooling

Home Schooling and Learning Disability

Home Schooling and children who have a learning disability go together perfectly. If your child has experienced difficulty in the traditional classroom setting due to a learning disability then schooling him/her at home may be the best option for you.

disabled child

Often children with ADD and other such problems have trouble focusing for extended periods of time. They are often labeled as 'trouble' and treated badly by the teaching staff and sometimes other children in the public school setting.

When you choose the home schooling route you have the flexibility of short sit down learning sessions, a flexible class routine, structure that fits the child's needs, constant supervision to help them stay on task, the absence of other kids distractions, and a lesson plan tailored to their ability.

Home schooling and learning disabled children can be a good match because you are able to give your child the one on one attention that is not possible in a class where there are 20 children to one teacher. Many kids in public school who have learning challenges do not do well simply because there is no time to give them individual focused help.

Not all children have the same learning style and in a public classroom there is only one style of teaching offered: sit down book style learning. If your child is a hands on or more visual type of learner then his/her academic progress will suffer as the classroom is not designed with them in mind.

A child with some sort of disability may have days when they cannot cope with books and study. For the home schooler this is not a problem. You can still get the hours of schooling in by taking a field trip or restructuring the day a little bit. The needs and interests of the child can set the tone at the same time they are receiving a quality education.

Activities are often just as important as book learning for children, especially for one with challenges. Get involved with your local home school support group and participate in fun outings and interact with other kids in the group. Socialization is an important part of learning important life-skills for the child who has a learning disability. Socialization may also be very important for you as the parent. Talking to other parents of children with learning disabilities and seeing how they are coping and organizing their home school setting can give you immense encouragement.

Home schooling and learning disabilities are totally compatible. If you have a child like this and have struggled to know how to help him or her fit into the educational system, this may be the answer for you. The options for curriculums are many and along with support from other home schoolers, you will very likely watch your child begin to thrive and grow in the home school setting.