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Home Schooling And College

Some parents are afraid that home schooling and college may not be a good mix when it comes to future educational opportunities and thus job possibilities down the road. Those parents need to know that in most cases their children will take the same entrance exams and tests to enter college as public schooled children and thus for the most part will have the same opportunities as anyone.

Some of those who are against homeschooling say that the children are not taught the full spectrum of subjects and are not as capable in social settings due to the isolation from their peers, or perhaps the lack of exposure to the world views most popularly accepted.

Concerns of this kind were laid to rest for many parents when two young men who were home schooled gained admission to Harvard several years ago (as well as others since then and literally thousands of home schooled students who have gone to other colleges over the years).  Harvard does not require a public school diploma in order to gain admission into their degree program. As with many of the best colleges, they are far more interested in the academic progress and behavior of homeschoolers rather than a state diploma. In fact, if all other things are the same, many colleges prefer young men and women who have been taught at home due to the diversity/creativity, social skills, character and fresh attitude toward learning that they often bring to their college life.


More and more colleges are specifically looking for students who have been home schooled, for some of the very reasons mentioned above. Quite a few of these colleges accept homeschool diplomas as well as character statements from the students pastor, parent, etc. Portfolios of student work. SATs, college admissions tests and other similar documents are often desirable for homeschooling and college to be a smooth transition.

Criteria will of course vary depending on the college that your child chooses to apply to. College courses require a great attitude and good basic academic skills, not a public school diploma or any other sort of special education or certificates .

You will occasionally hear of parents who made arrangements for their home schooled child to attend public school during the last year or two of high school. For some this is due to their concern that the child may not be accepted at the college they have chosen, if they do not have a regular diploma. However, homeschooling and college are generally very compatible without any extra hoops to jump through, and most college admissions are open to all well educated individuals, regardless of where they received their education.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, and Stanford all currently have homeschooling graduates enrolled and there are many other colleges which actively recruit homeschooled children specifically. The links below will provide even more encouraging information regarding: studies done on homeschoolers who attended college, admission procedures, statistics, financial aid and much more that has to do with sending your homeschooled child to college, http://www.oakmeadow.com/resources/articles/WSJArticle.htm and  http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/000000/00000017.asp.

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