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High School Home Schooling

Does high school homeschooling scare you?  It doesn’t have to!  Whether you are needing help with it today, or looking ahead to the day your child will need it, homeschooling your teenager need not be formidable from any standpoint.  In fact, as you will see here, there are reasons why high school homeschooling can actually be easier than home educating in the lower grades.

Are you concerned?

Some of us who attended other than homeschools can look back and easily wonder how we ever graduated from high school ourselves, seeing that we retained so little of what we supposedly learned there.  This understandably could cause us to question whether we could teach a high school curriculum with any success. So, first we need to clear the air of any misgivings we may have about our ability to teach our high school age child.

There are several factors which could have contributed to our low retention of high school academics. The main one of these factors is the “method” by which we were taught.  The main method of most (with the exception of homeschools), primarily used a study/ cram / test cycle. It was repeated every three to six weeks, in a group setting.  Many separate studies have proven than this method will work for short term learning, but it is completely unproductive for longer term retention period.

So if you learned by the method described above, knowing this fact may help you understand and realize your lack of retention likely has little to do with your intellectual capability. Thus you can discard any notion that you aren’t smart enough to homeschool your high school age child. 

Now that you know you can

Once relieved of the concerns that reflect on the lacks in our education rather than our competency, we are free to embrace the totally different and far more effective method of one on one teaching. In homeschooling, the emphasis is on understanding a subject, working together to learn the basics necessary, and being sensitive to the students needs and patient with the learning process. There are many modalities to choose from which can help assure your finding one that fits both your child's learning style and your teaching preference.  As you will find in the curriculum section of this site, many of the offerings include personal guidance in choosing what is best for your family. This personal selection of style and method means you can have full control of every aspect of how you school your high school student.  It also means that you yourself, as parent and teacher, can actually learn the subjects as you teach, so you don’t need to be worried about having it all together before you begin. 

Ideas to consider

Another aspect of high school homeschooling is that as student gets older and makes progress in their homeschooling, they gain a maturity with which they can actually do some self-teaching by the time they get to the high school level. Though most parents would not choose this option for many of their child's subjects because of losing personal teacher/ student contact, it still is a workable option where desired.  It can actually be extremely beneficial for a high school age child to experience the full responsibility of teaching himself or herself a subject, or part of a subject, with your over-seeing their progress. 
Online teaching is also an option, for a single class or for several.  This could be a blessing for either a difficult class, a specific interest class, or for a class in which you wanted more varied input or supplemental teaching. 

Helpful to keep in mind too, is the fact that if parent and child have been progressing through the earlier school years together, when the high school years come along, they can be accepted as just another step together, and do not present the difficulty you might imagine by looking at it ahead of time. 

Many curriculum options

Once you are confident that you can do high school homeschooling , you will want to choose your curriculum.  There are almost countless ones available, extremely varied in both content and style.  You can also develop your own curriculum, as more and more parents are doing.  Parents of a teen also often included that child’s preferences and help in deciding a curriculum.  This can be a very real, added personal benefit to both student and teacher in high school homeschooling. 

To view ready-made curriculum choices for high school homeschooling, click on curriculums.  To get help and encouragement in developing your own high school curriculum, go to www.hslda.org/homeschool/stateorganizations , to find homeschool support groups near you.

It’s fun and rewarding

High school homeschooling can be the “icing on the cake” of all your homeschool years with your child.  Since he or she is more mature by that time, your personal relationship can be greatly enhanced by the experience.  The rewards can truly be tremendous, and you will no doubt learn a lot yourself, in the process.