Home schooling

Creative Home Schooling

The idea of creative home schooling is built into the very framework of teaching your children at home. Since home schooling offers literally limitless opportunity to be creative in all of it's aspects.

Creativity by definition is the ability, talent or skill of bringing into being; to cause to exist where something did not exist before. It has been said that home schooling invites creativity as blossoms invite honeybees. There are few endeavors in life that present more exciting possibilities than this method of education.

As in most undertakings in life, one can usually find a model or standard of how to do a  project and then follow that model without giving it a great deal of thought. There is no wrong in this, and we all do it in various areas of our lives, such as recipes, games, and all sorts of instruction manuals. For those who know they will be satisfied with the results this type of instruction brings, and for those who do not wish to invest a great deal of creativity, closely guided curriculums are the best choice of directions.


Creative home schooling however, is for those parents who enjoy trying new things and are willing to do some thinking, investigating, and  formulating of ideas about how to accomplish certain objectives in their home schooling plans.

How can a parent be creative in schooling? There are so many ways as to be uncountable. Not only can each tiny avenue chosen be an innovative production, each of these ideas can also be changed any time the parent sees a need to do so. This allows for many different and unusual ideas that can be applied to a project or area. Skits, workbooks, field trips, internet classes, local clubs, library activities, stories you make up, relatives who have a skill they are willing to teach, Grandparents who learned a simple method of reading, a pet made into a project, story books on history, etc. One can readily see the limitless possibilities here.

Since creative home schooling implies something that is new, it is obvious that we cannot map it out exactly for you. You may choose to combine pieces of several established methods into your curriculum or you may wish to start from scratch. The main ingredient will be an open mind with which the parent takes a fresh look at everything they wish to accomplish for their family.

Creative ideas and methods do not necessarily have to be invented by you, though they certainly can be. Wisely listening, reading, and being alert to hearing and seeing thoughts and ideas as you go along, can be a source of a fresh plans and ideas in your own mind. Originality can be fun and helpful, but is not essential for home schooling creatively.

Something that will be helpful towards beginning this creative endeavor will be a notebook to outline your schooling objectives and to keep track of your ideas. A second notebook would be helpful for final decisions, lesson plans and organized ideas in your home schooling program. Creative home schooling will bring laughter and fresh enthusiasm to your classroom.