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Christian Homeschooling Your Children

Since you are reading this article it means you have some interest in Christian homeschooling, or possibly have already begun doing it. We want to show that every benefit homeschooling has to offer, is incredibly enhanced when adding the Christian element. There is nothing on earth that could be of greater benefit to your children, than to allow the One who created them to be the guiding force in their education. It is God's heart for us to bring up our children in the training and instruction that He provided for His people (Ephesians 6:4), and Christian homeschooling is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Christian Homeschooling

In this article we will talk about 4 main areas of Christian homeschooling: the reasons for choosing it, how it is different from other types of homeschooling, designing your plan and a question and answer section.


- Wanting your children to learn as much as possible about their loving Father God and His Son
- Desiring to pass on your beliefs to your children
- Believing there are Biblical teachings from God about how to raise and train your children
- Knowing the Bible is the Word of God and wanting to instill it in your children
- Believing that teaching your children the ways of God is of far greater importance than mere academics and so should be included in all learning


- The primary difference in Christian education is that you choose to have God guiding all your agendas from A to Z.
God wants to be known by each person at a personal level because He loves all humans. He knows that our eternal happiness depends on whether we know Him or not. (John 17:3, 14:6) God says that He longs to be strong and to lead and protect us (Isaiah 30:18, Matthew 23:37, II Chronicles 16:9). Every Christian homeschooling parent has God to lead and empower their endeavors.


- In daily homeschooling, the difference will be that curriculum and all other materials would be clearly including and honoring to God. All that you do will be focusing on allowing God to guide.
The use of the Bible as a textbook and lesson book is also typical in Christian homeschooling.

- Another big difference is that you can be teaching your children each day by actually living out your faith. They need to see that all of your life is in subjection to God and Christ, not just the areas that are convenient. There is nothing like the honesty of a child to convict us as parents to step up and live more in line with God's Word.


- God will enable those who ask to establish all that is needed including time frames and schedules. It is marvelous to remember that He offers His wisdom for every part of your homeschooling venture, as well as all of life. You have the Master Expert of everything, walking along side and giving you the perfect counsel in all situations.

- If you feel inexperienced and unsure of your ability to hear God correctly, pray for wisdom and then thoughtfully choose your homeschooling materials from among those which are presented clearly as abiding by Biblical and God-honoring principles. Proceed from there as you would with any type of home schooling and you will soon see how God guides in spite of our lacks. God is always looking at the heart and eager to do us good (I Samuel 16:7).


- Is Christian homeschooling harder to carry out than regular home schooling? It is actually easier because what God guides us to do, He will also provide the way to accomplish. This is never truer than in how we raise our children.

- If we are already homeschooling but not using a Christian curriculum, does that matter? Education alone does not offer character training of a spiritual nature. Time can be busy and filled with many good and educational activities and still be empty of things which are critically important. Schooling without Christian principles can only partially provide what is necessary for your child's spiritual welfare. Whether you choose to use Christian curriculum is not a small matter. It could very easily affect the eternity of your child.

- How should I go about choosing my materials? First, pray for guidance. God is faithful to listen and guide us in His ways. Then you must decide if you want to develop your own curriculum or go with one already designed. Once that is decided, there are almost limitless resources from which to select. (See the end of this article as well as our Resources page.)

- What do I do if I am sure it is what I want, but don't yet feel confident about my ability to homeschool? Pour out your needs to God (Psalms 62:8) and commit to a deeper trust in Him and let your confidence grow as you take one step at a time. Also you can enroll your child in a Christian umbrella school where the complete program is provided for you. These schools are usually more expensive and would need to be examined individually to see if their values are consistent with your own.

The rewards of Christian homeschooling can be endless, not only in this life, but in the one to come. In fact, beyond the decision to become a Christian this could be the most important, rewarding and profitable decision you will ever make. If it is in your heart and mind to do this type of schooling, don't let anything stop you. God will help you succeed.

Below is a partial list of Christian umbrella schools, many of which also offer curriculums and other materials. Take a look at our  Home Schooling Resources page for even more information.

- A Reason For: www.AReasonFor.com  1-800-447-4332
- Bible Based Home Schooling Program: www.BasicChristianEducation.com 1-866-567-2446
- Christian Light Education: www.clp.org 1-800-776-0478
- Lincoln Christian Academy: www.lincolnchristianacademy.com 1-217-732-6901
- Summit Christian Academy: www.scahomeschool.com 1-800-362-9180
- Landmark Christian Academy: 1-800-700-5322
- Science Apologia Educational Ministries: www.apologia.com 1-888-524-4724