Home schooling

Budget Home Schooling

It is a pleasure to discuss budget home schooling, because home schooling can have such a positive effect on the family budget compared to other types of schooling.

In looking at home schooling, one of the major benefits is the choice of curriculum and other such detail, that allows it to be an inexpensive option if you so choose. Let's look at why this is true.

Most aspects of home schooling are determined by the choices of the parents and the money allotted for it is no exception. The sky is the limit in what a parent may choose to spend or refrain from spending for school related materials. You can choose to spend very little in the home education realm, and still provide a top quality education. It is easy to fit all the necessities into a very small expense budget if desired or necessary. This choice is a huge advantage of home schooling. If you are on a tight budget, for one reason or another, it can actually be fun working on how to spend the money set aside for school. If you as parent will set the stage with a cheerful and pleasant attitude,  everyone can be an excited part of the planning.

The factors which make it possible to conduct your home school on a very small budget all stem from the idea that you have no one you have to impress. All that is important is the quality of education you provide for your child and this does not have to require a great deal of money. Abraham Lincoln and many other famous people who were educated at home, would have had very little or no education related expenses during their schooling years. The same is possible today.

The only clothing required for your child is their normal, everyday clothes. No need for competition with other kids over brand names, no school dress codes, etc. Curriculums, including books and workbooks can often be borrowed from the library, bought used, found through wanted ads, or even traded with other families who home school. Even class material bought brand new, can be relatively cheap if you look long enough and even search online. Field trips can be shared with other home schoolers to lower gas costs. No lunch money is needed, and eating at home is always less expensive than purchasing meals elsewhere.

Not having to travel to and from school can save in both gas and vehicle maintenance. When watching to catch sales on school supplies, such as paper, pens and so forth, a years worth can often be purchased for $10 or $20 per child. It can be an enjoyable family project to see what all you can find to fit into the amount of money allotted to your purpose.

Creativity has a full opportunity for expression in this arena as with all areas of home schooling. Imagination coupled with enthusiasm and a good attitude can make both parent and child feel rich and completely satisfied with very little cost involved. Rising to the challenge of operating on a 'shoe string' can be rewarding and a valuable lesson for the children as well.

No other type of schooling offers the flexibility in every phase of it's progression, and home schooling on a budget is a fantastic part of that flexibility. This means schooling in the home can be manageable for every parents finances as far as the schooling itself goes.