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American Homeschooling

American Homeschooling: The God-given right we in the United States have to educate our children at home. Certain types of education, which form good character as well as teach the necessary skills to succeed in our society, are to be highly prized. Homeschooling can enable our children to develop fully in the spiritual, emotional and mental senses, and to live and move through the affairs of their lives responsibly and intelligently. To have the freedom to educate our children at home, while being able to retain the leadership of our homes, is an incredible privilege of living in this country.

Regarding specifics, it can be understood that each state forms it's own home school laws. So one will need to obtain those policies from the state in which they live. Help in this area may be obtained from the Home School Legal Defense Association listed on our resources page. Home schooling laws, statistics, contact numbers and other valuable information can be found there as well.

In regard to homeschooling in general, the benefit of personal choice reigns as the highest advantage which touches every element of the schooling process. Even though there are laws in each state these do not prevent the parent from being able to decide and implement all the important aspects of your child's education - a critical need in this widely varied and unstable era of time.

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Beginning with the actual amount of schooling time, frequency, location and atmosphere; and going on to curriculum, tools and methods, there are many options in American Homeschooling that will help the parent to offer a quality education. In those areas as well as speed of learning and progress evaluation, each element can and should be carefully and thoughtfully chosen by the parent to meet the specific needs of their own children.

While enjoying and appreciating the freedom you will experience in designing your child's education, you can also note the many directions which are open to you. Two issues which are of especially high value during this process, will be the character development of your child, and the strengthening of the family unit. It is good to keep in mind that someone's values will definitely be instilled into your child, whether positive or negative, whether intentionally or not, at all times and in every kind of education. It is great to have the option in homeschooling, of choosing what values they are soaking up.

In America, homeschooling has not been the primary way children have been educated in the last 70 years or so, and thus not a familiar route for many of us of the parental generation. Thus there may be all sorts of undesirable ideas ingrained in us from having done it a certain way for so long. For this reason, it will be critical to step back and take an in depth look and freshly evaluate every phase of your child's schooling. Even the seemingly small aspects can sometimes result in huge differences in the overall picture of what you will see accomplished in your child's education.

In all respects and considerations, American Homeschooling is an awesome and exciting door open and available to those parents and children who choose to experience it.