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Is Home Schooling a Good Option For You?

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If you are thinking about home schooling your children, then we hope this site will give you the information you need to make that decision. You will find lots of helpful home schooling information here such as...

1. Some of the home schooling resources available to parents 

2.  How to start home schooling your child

3. The home schooling laws you need to know

4. The benefits of home schooling 

5. The disadvantages of home schooling

The education of children at home, or home schooling as it is called by most, is not a new idea. Prior to the 19th century most education throughout the world was done in the home with only a tiny percentage of the world's children being taught in an institutional setting or by hired tutors.

Home Schooling is the preferred method of education for many parents because...

A) They can choose their children's curriculum

B) They can help them learn at their own pace

C) They can learn in the comfortable, safe, and positive environment of the home.

Most parents who choose this manner of education for their children have strong character values and belief systems which they desire to pass along to the next generation. When a child's education is done at home the parent has direct supervision over their learning and they are free to teach all subject matter in accordance with such values and beliefs.

How To Start Home Schooling Your Children

1. You can choose to home educate under the supervision of "correspondance schools", which are called umbrella schools.

2. You can take courses by mail through a private school or by
taking classes online where you join in a virtual classroom
with other students.

3. You can co-op home schooling classes together with other
families, which is where each parent teaches a small class in
which several children may participate.

4. You can choose to create an individually tailored curriculum
for each child or for your family.

There are many possibilities to choose from once you have the information about home schooling that you need.


The homeschooling environment need not be stressful or overwhelming to either student or teacher, once you find the best style for your family. It can be very laid back or more tightly structured according to the individual need. It can increase your child's ability to learn while at the same time strengthening the parent/child bond. Many children who struggle in the public school setting thrive at home with the personal attention and guidance of the parent.

The home schooling information found on these pages can help you see if homeschooling is a good option for giving your children a quality education, while giving you the ability to stay personally involved. Home education is an option well worth any parent's consideration.

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